The Khmer Magic Music Bus

Restoring Cambodia's rich musical heritage, one village at a time.

Our Misson

The Khmer Magic Music Bus intends to carpet Cambodia with music by helping Cambodian master musicians and their students return traditional music performance and education to the people of rural Cambodia, one village at a time.


Our Method

Our twenty-five passenger bus carries master musicians and their students to the villages of rural Cambodia so they can share the experience of listening to and learning about their musical heritage. The project directly pays Khmer artists, music/video technicians, and the bus driver as well as covering all management, planning and travel expenses for the Khmer team.  All expenses during the time the bus travels in the countryside are covered by the project. The US-based team serves in a purely voluntary capacity, neither receiving nor expecting any compensation other than the pleasure taken in the joy created by The Bus in its travels.

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Latest News

Vain Ait Phloy Student

The Bus Brings the Phloy to Phnom Penh



The KMMB found the surviving Phloy Master, Doung Nhik, in August of 2015. Since that time, The Bus has supported reintroducing this long lost instrument in rural villages.

In September, The Bus brought Vain Ait to Phnom Penh. A new student of Doung Nhik, Vain Ait was interviewed then recorded at Waterek Studio. Watch Deyka’s video to get a feel for this remarkable sound.

You can help support these preservation efforts by making a donation here. Without you, The Bus cannot do this important work. Thanks you.


A Busy Bus in Phnom Penh

Promoting the Traditional Arts, The Khmer Magic Music Bus visited several different venues in Phnom Penh. On July 29, the musicians performed during Global Tiger Day at the Eon Mall.P1350542

Then, on August 7, The Bus presented to a delegation of students, teachers, and monks at Pannasastra University of Phnom Penh.



Finally, on August 14, The Bus and its musicians performed outdoors at the Beung Rrobek Primary School.



The Bus Returns to the Aural Mountains

On August 26, 2016, The Khmer Magic Music Bus returned to the Aural Mountains to help celebrate the Anniversary of Karuna Youth Cambodia and the school buildings we helped build there in 2014 and 2015. P1350947