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Ya Rath Travels to Cambodia

With the help of Betsy Cohen and The Khmer Magic Music Bus, Ya Rath made his first visit to Cambodia. Ya, a remarkable young Cambodian-American from Lowell Massachusetts, was taught to play traditional Khmer instruments by his father.

It was a remarkable trip for both Ya and the Cambodian people he met in Phnom Penh, Kampot, Siem Reap, and at Arn’s home. Of course there was music everywhere.


POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON December 1, 2017

The KMMB and Tree Planting in Siem Reap


Before heading to WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) in the United Kingdom, The Khmer Magic Music Bus traveled to Siem Reap.



On July 6 musicians performed at the King Road Restaurant to promote Tree Planting in Kralanh District.



On July 7 The KMMB helped plant 300 trees. You can see all the action in Deyka’s video.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON July 31, 2017

The Bus Returns to Kampong Thom in August

Eight Artists will return to perform in Kampong Thom on August 5, 2017. Thoch Savang, Mun Hai, Thorn Seyma, Keut Ran, Prom Chheng and Arn Chorn Pond will bring the joy of Traditional music to the village of Pramattdey.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON June 19, 2017

An Evening Concert at Cherteal Primary School

The KMMB returned to the Cherteal Primary School on February 25, 2017.

With the support of people like you, the relationships deepen and the joy grows.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON May 9, 2017

The KMMB Visits the US Embassy




Many thanks to Ambassador and Mrs. Heidt for inviting The Khmer Magic Music Bus to perform at the Embassy in Phnom Penh on February 24, 2017.

It means a great deal to be able to share the power and joy of Cambodia’s traditional music with your community.

ក្រុមភ្លេងលេងតាមឡានក្រុងមួយ ដែលមានឈ្មោះថា Khmer Magic Music Bu…

ក្រុមភ្លេងលេងតាមឡានក្រុងមួយ ដែលមានឈ្មោះថា Khmer Magic Music Bus បានមកស្ថានទូតអាមេរិក កាលពីពេលពីរសប្តាហ៍មុន ដើម្បីធ្វើការប្រគំតន្រ្តីពិសេសមួយ។ សូមមើលលោកឯកអគ្គរដ្ឋទូត Heidt និងលោកជំទាវ Heidt ព្រមទាំងបុគ្គលិកនិងគ្រួសារបុគ្គលិកស្ថានទូតចូលរួមនៅក្នុងការសប្បាយនេះ ដោយមានការបញ្ចប់ទៅយ៉ាងពិសេសមួយ!The Khmer Magic Music Bus stopped by the U.S. Embassy the other week for a special concert. Watch Ambassador Heidt, Mrs. Heidt, and the Embassy community join along in the fun – with a special endingKhmer Magic Music Bus គឺជាអង្គការមិនមែនរដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរ ផ្នែកសិល្បៈមួយ ដែលដឹកនាំតន្រ្តីករបូរាណ និងសិស្សរបស់គេទៅកាន់តំបន់ជនបទ ដើម្បីបន្តរក្សាប្រពៃណីផ្នែកដូរតន្រ្តីអោយនៅរស់រវើក។! The Khmer Magic Music Bus is a Cambodian arts NGO that transports classical musicians and their students to rural areas to keep musical traditions alive. #Cambodia.

Posted by U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Monday, March 6, 2017


POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON May 8, 2017

The KMMB at Or Thnort Primary School


During the evening of December 10, 2016, The Khmer Magic Music Bus brought music to an audience of two thousand people at the Or Thnort Primary School in Kampong Thom. Watch Deyka’s video of Part Two of the return to Kampong Thom Province.


POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON February 7, 2017

The KMMB Visits Yorn’s Home

IMG_1303 copy

The Khmer Magic Music Bus traveled to Yorn’s village in Kampong Thom on December 9, 2016. Carrying musicians and students from around the country, The Bus performed at Yorn’s home in Steung Saen. Watch Deyka’s video and see the joy of kids and musicians at hearing the sounds of traditional music.


IMG_1798 copy

Then view performance and dancing at the Thlok Pring Primary School in nearby Sandaan District.

Part 2 of this tour brings The Bus to Steung Saen District on December 10. Deyka’s next video will show performances there before an estimated crowd of 2000 people.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON January 17, 2017

Smiles in the Aural Mountains

On November 11, 2016, The Khmer Magic Music Bus returned to the Aural Mountains. Deyka captured the joy as the musicians played for hundreds of children and adults.

Aural 2 11-16 Check out his video as the musicians prepare and perform.

We can’t thank you enough for your support for the people of Cambodia. With your help The Khmer Magic Music Bus continues it journey throughout Cambodia, bringing free traditional music performance and education wherever it travels. Thank you.

Aural 4 11-16

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON December 21, 2016

The KMMB Visits Cherteal Primary School

On October 26, The Bus traveled to Svayromead Village, near Arn’s home, for an evening performance at the Primary School. You can watch Sinat, Samnang, Savang and others perform for dozens of children in Deyka’s video.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON December 13, 2016

Traditional Music in Phnom Penh

October was a busy month for The Khmer Magic Music Bus. The long lost Phloy made a return trip to the capital city. After meeting at Arn’s place on the Mekong, The KMMB carried the traditional artists to Pannasasstra University on the 14th.



The following day, musicians from The Bus performed at the Chaktomuk Theater. P1360796This was part of the Heritage Festival celebrating traditional music and remembering the masters who were lost in the Khmer Rouge time.


Please check put Deyka’s videos of these two performances.

POSTED BY Steve Riege IN Update ON November 29, 2016